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Last Time [Jul. 31st, 2004|04:44 am]
Well this will be the last time I every go back to school...I mean college wont be the same seeing all the people you havent seen all summer....and to see the change that has happen to them....i mean it seems like a month ago i was a freshman and now in a year its done...kinda freaks me out but it is neat in a way also...it will be the last of alot of things this year for me...and I dont know if I am ready for it to end....well anyway...this summer was the best summer of my life and its sad to see it go but I am kind burned out on summer too much free time I dont know what to do with it all...anyway..I am bored..I hate updateing this journal but every once in awhile..I feel like I have too and I dont know why..ok bye

From: thewordweenie
2004-07-31 11:39 am (UTC)

hey kid

dont worry buddy everything will be ok cus all your best buds are gonna graduate the same year as you! [xcept for me ofcouse =(] and plus there is a whole nother summer ahead of that one! so dont look at the down side and look at the up side. =) but dont worry you'll never be forgoten! i know by me you wont be! but i <3 ya kid and dont ever change or i'll have to smack a hoe lol .. ttyl!
<3 nadine
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