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Man that makes my day..... [Oct. 31st, 2004|11:33 am]
1. Dont always assume what a person is going to do...cause you were wrong...i didnt

2. I am glad you said what you did that night and how you did it...its was the most meaningful thing you ever said and you said it when i need it most

3. Sorry you had to give up

4. My last year WAS and will be one of the most special of my whole life one i wont forget

5. I know i was selfish about everything and you made me relize i cant hide from it anymore because the more and more and more i put myself deeper and deeper in this hell i have create for my self the harder it is goign to be and you were the one and only person who could have made me relize that....thanks i just wish you could have hung on little more...but its my fault

thanks for what you have done...i will always respect you and look up too you

i will always love you and think of you as my best friend even if you hate me


From: ashj04
2004-11-02 11:36 am (UTC)

it was nice seeing everyone again today!!
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