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thats right [Jul. 10th, 2004|03:00 am]
[mood |gratefulgrateful]
[music |g.love and special sauce]

man o man...long time

well had one crazy week but really my whole summer has been crazy...the best one of my life...i have meet some many people...had alot of scary calls.....and just got so much closer to all my friends we have all past that stage of best friends and its more like we are brothers most the time.....i have the best friends and i have the best girl...i am one lucky guy

anyway...its funny how listen to one song or seeing one thing can remind you of a person and make you relize how much you care about them..

Leslie comes home tommorw and its about time

next week the parnets are gone so i am having a party... if you want to get up with me and the boys just info me it will be just good old clean funny you know us....much love later

From: (Anonymous)
2004-07-10 07:46 am (UTC)


Dude...this summer has been crazy, last week was the craziest though. And scariest. You know ill be at your place slut.

Brother Love,
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From: thewordweenie
2004-07-10 08:25 pm (UTC)
yeh dude this summer has ben crazzzyyy .. but its all good =) i LOVE hangin out with you and your boys .. just wish i could do it more =) yeah but if yall wanna hang out then just give me a ring you know the number! <3 nad
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