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Man that makes my day..... [Oct. 31st, 2004|11:33 am]
1. Dont always assume what a person is going to do...cause you were wrong...i didnt

2. I am glad you said what you did that night and how you did it...its was the most meaningful thing you ever said and you said it when i need it most

3. Sorry you had to give up

4. My last year WAS and will be one of the most special of my whole life one i wont forget

5. I know i was selfish about everything and you made me relize i cant hide from it anymore because the more and more and more i put myself deeper and deeper in this hell i have create for my self the harder it is goign to be and you were the one and only person who could have made me relize that....thanks i just wish you could have hung on little more...but its my fault

thanks for what you have done...i will always respect you and look up too you

i will always love you and think of you as my best friend even if you hate me

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Last Time [Jul. 31st, 2004|04:44 am]
Well this will be the last time I every go back to school...I mean college wont be the same seeing all the people you havent seen all summer....and to see the change that has happen to them....i mean it seems like a month ago i was a freshman and now in a year its done...kinda freaks me out but it is neat in a way also...it will be the last of alot of things this year for me...and I dont know if I am ready for it to end....well anyway...this summer was the best summer of my life and its sad to see it go but I am kind burned out on summer too much free time I dont know what to do with it all...anyway..I am bored..I hate updateing this journal but every once in awhile..I feel like I have too and I dont know why..ok bye
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thats right [Jul. 10th, 2004|03:00 am]
[mood |gratefulgrateful]
[music |g.love and special sauce]

man o man...long time

well had one crazy week but really my whole summer has been crazy...the best one of my life...i have meet some many people...had alot of scary calls.....and just got so much closer to all my friends we have all past that stage of best friends and its more like we are brothers most the time.....i have the best friends and i have the best girl...i am one lucky guy

anyway...its funny how listen to one song or seeing one thing can remind you of a person and make you relize how much you care about them..

Leslie comes home tommorw and its about time

next week the parnets are gone so i am having a party... if you want to get up with me and the boys just info me it will be just good old clean funny you know us....much love later
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join me [Jun. 2nd, 2004|07:07 am]
[mood |naughtynaughty]
[music |Blink 182-first date]

ok here is the deal.....I am tired of clothes.....I mean I hate getting dressed and I dunno I just dont like it......and I like being naked......I was born naked.....and I look good naked......so from now on I am going to live my life naked.....

*who will join me on my mission to save the human race from there Clothes..........I mean clothes are really almost a evil thing...think about it....many people decide who you are as a person but what you wear....clothes seprate us into different clicks....and the cost way to much...jsut so you can look you style.....so join me on my quest

*I like socks so we can keep them
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ups and downs [May. 31st, 2004|02:35 am]
[mood |highhigh]


That about sums up my first week of summer in one word...this has been the best opening to a summer I have ever had.......spent most of my days at the beach and my nights all seemed to end up there...it was great me and the fellas had alot of fun.....we had some crazy times....if you go to Alivin's island any time soon i would have to say i wouldnt try on the thongs for you ldies my arron and clay had a contest who looked the best and well yeh we all knew i looked the best in my american flag thong....i think clay might have left a suprise for the next girl on his haha...........and then all the gays started showing up so we kicked it at josh since his parnets were out of town.......had us a crazy night over there...actually the crazy night of many of are lifes .....this week was great man......but.......doesnt seem there is always that "but" ruins everything.......well anyway this time that but was fixed and I am really glad it did get worked out it was ruff.....I care about you more than you will every know.....your my best friend

anyway here is the deal....my parnets are outta town for the next two weekends and yeh well i think i am going to have to throw a party...plan is in work......any ideas

much love
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Work Work Work [May. 17th, 2004|10:35 pm]
well havent got to do this in awhile if I wasnt at school or work I was with the guys but hey got time now.......Well its really strange that something that was suppose to end something to me has made that thing to me better and let me think about it alot and relize alot....

Jake only has a week left really strange how fast are friendship grew ...i mean freshman year i didnt like him and now he is like a brother to me .......its going to be hard

So glad we only have 4 days left summer will fixs my problems..........much love
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17 [Apr. 24th, 2004|12:51 pm]
Last night i went to Clays show with him and Alica.......it was fun before the show we got witnessed to for an hour it was intresting he just keep repeating the same thing i said in his own words.......but clay's show was awsume best I have ever seen them....clay did a great job...and we had good talk time we had alot of stuff we need to talk about and it was good to say...love yah man.....anyway

ITS MY 17th Birthday today...yeh i can see rated "R" movies now haha
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I hate feelings this way [Apr. 9th, 2004|10:21 pm]
WEll my "Good Friday" was good and bad........hit up the beach with the fellas all day and hung out with a bunch of friends and had are selfs a good old time but I lost track of time and I planeed to do something with Leslie and we ended up not gettin to because i got in way too late....and it kinda ruined aolt of her day because she turned things down because she planned to hang out with me so i feel like a pile of shit...and shes not happy with me so right now i am in a shitty mood on this good friday......the end

much love
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(no subject) [Apr. 4th, 2004|10:08 pm]
Well I only have one more day of suspenion left haha...man it was a nice 5 day holiday......

I need a job...any ideas...I am think HUNGER HOWIES...you think the would let me eat at work
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OK Here Goes........................................ [Mar. 17th, 2004|03:19 am]
When something you always have is not there it makes you relize how much it means to you.....

What I mean by this is that I am actually glad I went out of town for some of my spring break because it has given me alot of time to think about whats important to me....and I have relized that my bestfriends(Clay Josh Jake Daniel Trey) are besides my parnets and bro the most imporant people in my life and I have been a dick lately to them and I dont want to have tension between us and I feel like i have brought it and I dunno i want them to know they are my family and this espcailly goes out to clay and jake sorry guys...I do anything for you nigga's want you to know and i am sorry for the fighting friends are suppose to get pissed togather at other people not each other sry and if you felt like i didnt care or like you i am sry....you my nig's i love you boys.......ok the enough of that....Much Love

Leslie you are the greatest girlfriend ever.....thanks for listening to me all the time.....making fun of me......and just smiling
**When I wake up your what I look forward too**

Much Love
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